Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"During the Hypnosis sessions I have had with Jackie I was blissfully taken into a very deep and calm inner space. Jackie has a very calm and gentle voice easy to listen to and relax to. I had been stressed and needed a time to break the emotional traps of life. Each session was different taking me on different journeys and paths through my subconscious and unravelling the reasoning for my thought patterns. I was aware of the journey totally each time and feel that the intuition Jackie has for each of my visits to her has been incredible. I always walk away from the therapy room calm and peaceful. Thank you so much."


"I wouldn't want to count how many times I have tried to give up smoking and failed. I thought I would try Hypnosis and was surprised how it helped to change my mindset. Jackie talked to me about why I think I failed so many times before and we talked about my trigger points. During the session Jackie personalised the Hypnosis suggestions to my specific needs, this I think helped immensely. My last Cigarette was on June 1st and I have no desire whatsoever to smoke. I can't recommend highly enough."


"I have had various sessions with Jackie, mainly stress related. Jackie works in a very calming way without any judgement. The sessions have always provided a deep sense of relaxation and helps to bring me into the moment, to process my worries. I would recommend Jackie's services to anyone."