Natural Energy Healing Testimonials

"Jackie is a very powerful spiritual healer, I feel very blessed to have found such empathy and
intuition; a genuine healer for sure. The experience of the deep relaxation on the healing couch was
so immense. I was taken into a very deep relaxed state through meditation and breath awareness
before Jackie tuned into my energy, she then cleared my chakra system and held the energy of
healing before grounding me. During the session I was able to feel a huge amount of heat especially
in my sacral chakra, I definitely felt a shift in the energy around me, and the feeling was pure bliss.
Afterwards Jackie was able to explain to me so much about how I was emotionally and what to do
physically to help my body. With so much experience in healing and the faith and I have in Jackie I
will be recommending her to others. Thank you so much."

"I found Jackie through her leaflet. I've had good experiences and results through the healing and insights. Thanks for your love, support and guidance. God bless you."


"Having experienced Jackie’s very highly intuitive meditation sessions over the past year I can
recommend her totally. During the meditations Jackie made me feel very safe, and comfortable in
her healing room which has a very calm vibe. I had been stressed with work load and family issues at
the time and was comforted by the concise way Jackie was able to guide me into a deep relaxed
state before taking me on an inner journey of discovery. Each time I had a very clear visual of the
dreamlike stages of my innermost hidden needs for the path to healing my stress. After each of the
sessions I recalled the details of the meditation and Jackie being a highly intuitive lady was able to
find clarity where I saw confusion and this with my gratitude has helped me so much with feeling
more grounded and happy."

Meditation Walk

"I was very fortunate to take a meditation walk with Jackie after I had had a very disturbing
nightmare which turned out to be hidden talents that I have not been using. Firstly the meditation
started at the entrance of the ancient woodland where we asked quietly within our consciousness
for permission to go forward and use the natural energy of the land for this purpose, something I
had never ever thought of doing before and it made our journey through the woods very sacred and
special especially when a beautiful Robin Redbreast appeared as if in answer to our request. As I
recalled my dream we were mindfully walking along the path and Jackie was making me aware of
our surrounding earth energies through the different tress and how they were growing even down
to the types of tree and how they had been meaningfully planned when planted a great many years
before in ancient traditions. Each of the trees have deep meaningful advice and Jackie’s wealth of
knowledge and experience along with the intuitive understanding of nature I was able to make sense
of my dream. I felt so much relief and healing from this wonderful meditation walk. Highly
recommended with huge gratitude."